“She is tough. The one thing I never wanted her to be was the token female who was just scared and everyone was protecting. She doesn’t need protecting. The first time you see her she has a machete, which I think is really cool. She’s tough, she holds her own and she also wants to find answers and she wants to know why she’s here.” - Kaya Scodelario


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get to know me meme: [3/10] current celebrity crushes » dylan o’brien

“Kinda nerd dude in high school, then he gets to be a superhero running around new york city, doing spider webs and stuff. That’s basically my entire dream as a human being. I, like, want to be Peter Parker.”

  • me: feels lonely
  • me: isolates self
  • When I look at the Abnegation lifestyle as an outsider, I think it’s beautiful. When I watch my family move in harmony; when we go to dinner parties and everyone cleans together afterward without having to be asked; when I see Caleb help strangers carry their groceries, I fall in love with this life all over again.

    "He’s (Four) a Dutch porn star in the 18th century medieval England. His name is Uno cause he has a massive member."  — Theo james